Emergency Angel Watch Wearable Panic Button


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For R99 pm you will be monitored and phoned by a 24/7 Control Room + up to 5 emergency contacts will receive a SMS with your GPS location. The Emergency Angel Watch device is a wearable panic button that can be worn on your wrist. The device has a single button, when pressed and held for 3 seconds will send a panic signal. The Watch will also show Time, Date, Signal strength, GPS type and Battery level. Features:

  1. Wrist Watch
  2. Two-way voice
  3. Estimated GPS Location
  4. 24/7 Monitoring / SMS to 5 contacts
  5. 1-2 day battery life under normal cellular network conditions
  6. No cellphone needed
  7. ICASA approved
  8. Display show time, date, signal strength, gps type, and battery level.
  9. Show address book.


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