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panic button

Panic Button

A panic button that works anywhere a cellular connection is available. Works independently from a cellphone and is not reliant on another Bluetooth or RF device.



A geographic fence will notify the control room or yourself through a sms if someone leaves an area. This is valuable for those struggling with Alzheimer or Dementia.



Anti-removal will notify the control room or yourself through a sms if the Watch is removed from wrist.

24 image

24/7 Control Room

The Emergency Angel call center, which operates 24/7, will receive the call from the device and will be informed about the cause of alarm. At the same time, it will take the necessary action, informing the appropriate services and calling the emergency contacts.


Emergency SMS x 5

Up to 5 of your Emergency Contacts will receive an sms with the estimated GPS location of the Panic device.

low battery

Battery Life

Battery life can last anything 2 days depending on signal strength and your settings. You will receive an sms notification when the battery fall below 25%.


Magnetic Charger

The easy magnetic charger enables individuals with muscle related diseases that involves tremor still connect the charger.


SIM + Data Included

Your Panic device will come with a SIM and your Data will be managed by Emergency Angel.

Mobile Application


  • GPS/LBS positioning
  • Voice message
  • Real time tracking
  • Routing playback
  • SOS calling
  • Pedometer
  • Turn off watch remotely
  • Watch time setting
  • 2 way calling
  • Take off alert


Monthly Rent €15 (SIM card and VAT included)

How does it work?

panic button

1: Panic Sent

After the Panic button is held for 3 seconds a Panic signal is sent to our servers .

sms gps

2: SMS Notifications

The system will send out SMS messages to up to 5 contacts which will include the estimated GPS location of the Panic device.

control room

3: Phone Device

The 24/7 control room will receive the call from device to establish the nature of the duress signal.


M4: Emergency Contacts

The control room will phone the emergency contacts listed in order of priority. Emergency service will be dispatched if necessary.

Elderly or frail

As we get older, our lives are more at risk. Injuries, the possibility of not being able to get to a phone, falling or having our lives under threat. The Emergency Angel panic button is always with you, so even if you fall in or outside of your home, you can call for help.

Alzheimer's and Dementia

People suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia can easily land in risky situations. They could forget where they live, where they are headed or where they have come from when they go out for a walk or, in severe circumstances, even what their personal details are. Do you have a friend or family member suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia? Do you tend to worry about that person’s safety? The Emergency Angel wearable panic button will not only put your mind at ease but, with its geo-fencing technology, will ensure that your loved one is safe around the clock.

Risk free

money back

14-Day Money Back

If you are not completely satisfied with our product or services then simply return the device to us in the same received condition.

money back

One Year Warranty

The device comes with a one year limited manufacturer warranty.



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